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Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinders in India

Nowadays every kitchen is incomplete without a mixer grinder. However, choosing a suitable mixer grinder with required specifications is the tedious task. As lots of brands with various features at different prices are available that creates a lot of confusion among buyers. So here we are to assist you in finding solutions to your problems.

After extensive research, we gather information regarding the top-heavy mixer grinder. However, with this, we tried to list all the specifications and functionalities of the product. Even with this, we talked about the pros and cons of every product. So, you can choose the best heavy duty mixer grinder in India for your cooking hub.

Most of the buyers due to lack of knowledge or due to the crunch of finances buys a cheap mixer grinder. However, that mixer grinder ends up with a defect in jar coupling or the worst performance of the motor. And, even multiple repair sessions cannot restore the earlier efficiency of the mixer grinder. So, if you want to get rid of all the problems then you should choose the heavy-duty mixer grinders. Let’s check out some of the popular top heavy-duty mixer grinders to serve you in your daily kitchen shore. 


Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinders

We all know to be an Indian means a food lover. And, it is impossible to satisfy taste buds when it comes to taste. But a perfect mixer grinder with lots of functional features you can do wonders while cooking. You need a mixer grinder that can blend, grind, liquidize, or much more your ingredients in no time. We are listing down the dome of the Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder in India to ease out your task.

Moreover, we distributed the products in 2 categories. The first one is of 1000W mixer grinder and the other one is a mixer grinder more than that of 1000W. All you need to go through information of all products with their pros and cons. And, choose the best heavy mixer grinder for your kitchen. Lets us have a glance at the products.


The performance of a mixer grinder depends upon the capacity of its motor.  As its heavy-duty motor shows powerful performance with long durability of the product as well.


#1 Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder


In 1886, Robert Bosch with its efforts and innovations established his roots as Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany. However, since 1991 they are operating in India. Even Bosch with its glorious goodwill and popularity among the users has its presence across the globe. Since its establishment, they expand itself with 18 manufacturing sites and 7 development & application centers in India. Bosch particularly deals in sectors of Mobility Solutions, Heating & Home Appliances, and Various services for industry & Trades.

Bosch TrueMIxx Pro Mixer Grinder is one of the best heavy-duty mixer grinders among the products of Bosch. If you are looking for modern sophisticated innovation then this product is just for you. Even its tagline “When Tradition Meets Technology” stands true. This product comes with an uniquely designed body of black color.

It comes with a robust motor capacity of 1000W. And, it has copper winding motor of 3-C series which serves you technology like traditional pounding with high speed and perfect texture. Even you can experience trouble-free grinding sessions of 30 minutes.

It is regarded as one of the best 1000w mixer grinder in India.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro sales box includes 4 jars of different quality and capacities. The first one is MaxxJuice Extractor made up of unbreakable plastic that takes care of your juices, smoothies, etc. The rest of the three made up of supreme quality stainless steel with uniquely designed blades attached to it. Like its blunt pounding blades assist you to replicate your hard and dry ingredients into a fine powder. Whereas its active flow breaker guarantees you to have fluffier and finer batters. In short, they fulfill your needs for liquidizing, grinding, shredding, juicing, etc.

Its noticeable feature of unique lid locks and suction feet makes it safer and handy to use. As it provides you reliability for hands-free operations and adds more stability while using. Even its sturdy designed handles allow you to have a firm grip while holding the jars. Mostly Bosch product comes with concealed bushes that prevent issues like leakage etc.

You can own this product with nylon couplers at a reasonable price. Even its sturdy metal inserts assure you with long time durability and efficiency. With that, the producer of the products offers you a warranty of 2 years. Even this product saves your electricity bill with its operating voltage of 22-240 volts. With all the above-mentioned features everyone in your house can operate it easily. What else you can demand from a product?


  • Warranty for 2 years provided by the company.
  • Minimal noise production while usage.
  • Trouble and shock-free continuous usage for 30 minutes.
  • Overload protector to ensure safety while using.
  • Nylon couplers, suction feet, and lid locks for safety and stability.


  • A little bit expensive as compare to others.
  • Cleaning the jars can be a tough task.
  • Need more space in your kitchen.


#2 Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder UltraMax Hd 1000 Watt

Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder UltraMax Hd 1000 Watt

Are you looking for a heavy-duty mixer grinder with powerful performance? Then Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder UltraMax HD is a perfect solution. This is the best performer from the house of Maharaja Whiteline. Maharaja Whiteline serving its customers since 1976. Since its establishment, they are ruling the industry with its innovations. The brand is known as the 2nd largest distributor in the country.

The product itself comes with a huge list of features that will make you fall for it. UltraMax HD is available in black color with its elegant design which complements your kitchen décor. It is equipped with a robust copper winded motor of 1000 watts. Even its motor speed of 20000 RPM ensures you quick and powerful performance. Moreover, with this heavy-duty motor, you can have trouble-free grinding experience for a continuous 30 minutes.

With its high-quality stainless steel, all three jars fulfill your all kitchen requirements. Its uniquely designed super sharp blade can cut all types of ingredients into the finest powders, curries, etc. Even its jar flow breakers designed intelligently to give perfection while preparing batters, smoothies, and powders.

Even its notable features like Air ventilation system and nylon couplers give you prevention from overheating and assurance for long term durability. Even its liquidizing jar comes up with Ergonomic handles to assist you in pouring, mounting and dismounting, etc. Even its body comes with vacuum feet which ensures stability while usage.

Maharaja Whiteline Ultramax HD comes with a warranty of 5 years for motor and 2 years on the product as well. Even its user-friendly 3 knob speed controller with a whip button helps to monitor its speed. All you need to visit nearby markets or e-commerce websites to buy it. And you need to spend a small amount from your savings. So why are you waiting till now? Just go and own your one of the top 1000 watt mixer grinder.


  • Inbuilt air ventilation system.
  • Smart design for easy storage.
  • 5 in one chutney blade which assures you powerful performance.
  • 3 knob speed controller with the whip button.
  • Vacuum feet and nylon couplers ensure safety and long term durability
  • 5 years motor and 2 years product warranty.


  • Irritating noise level.
  • Difficulty while opening lids of the jars.
  • No juicer included in the product.


#3 Vidiem MG 554 A VTRON Power Plus

Vidiem MG 554 A VTRON Power Plus

Are you in a search of all-rounder for your kitchen? Then Maya Appliances will serve you for your needs with the best top heavy duty mixer grinder till now. Maya appliances follow its tagline- “Quality guaranteed since 1978” with a dedication. For almost 3 decades they are capturing the needs and imagination of homemakers and its clients to serve them with best. And, in 2011 they started a new chapter with the latest technology based kitchen appliances. During their journey, they got honored with many awards and recognitions. So this makes you have faith in their Vidiem MG 554 A VTRON Power Plus as your choice.

This black color beautifully designed product comes with a year warranty. The users will have experience of cool features like ARIA Cool Tec based 1000 watts motor. Even its motor will be fully enclosed by an aluminum casing which provides 40% more cooling, 50% more power, and 50% more torque.

When you will unbox it you will find 4 jars of different capacities with various functions. Master jar serves you have perfect grinding of batters to have various delicacies in your plate. On the other hand, its Super Juicer & blender fulfills your liquidizing and juicing needs. You can make juices, smoothies, shakes, and much more with this. The next one is a multi jar which handles the requirement of dry and wet grinding such as chutneys and masalas. And the last one is Marvel jar for quick and small amount ingredients grinding.

VTRON Power Plus has unique features like Self-locking Jar which enables easy pick and place of the jars while using. It also ensures proper seating of jars and matting of couplers while its operations. Its vortex flow SS 304 Blades are balanced dynamically to eliminate vibrations and also doubles its bush life. You can have trouble-free operations with the help of self-lubricating bronze bushes.

Its ergonomic sturdy handles safeguards the users secure them with anti-slippage function. Even its tri-mate couplers assure high strength and heavy load bearing with ease. You just have to visit local stores or online sites for your safe purchases. So let us get you top heavy duty mixer grinder at a budgeted price.


  • Self-locking jars for easy pick and place.
  • Tri-mate couplers for strength and powerful performance.
  • The heavy motor of 1000 watts.
  • Quadra Airflow system for extra cooling and power.
  • Sturdy AB handles for handy usage.


  • High noise in comparison to other products.
  • Some users complain about the leakage.
  • Required extra storage space.
  • Poor after-sale services.


Top Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder of More than 1000 Watt

#1 Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 Mixer Grinder

Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 Mixer Grinder

Still not satisfied with the 1000 watt mixer grinder’s performance? Then this popular product from Preethi’s portfolio satisfies you with its powerful performance. Preethi is a renowned brand with its presence all over the country. Since 1978 they earned glorious goodwill in the home appliances industry. Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 Mixer Grinder is a gem from the house of Preethi.

This product with its 1300 watt motor and ball bearings promises robust performance. Even its tripod metal motor stand assures long durability with a reduction in vibration. Even you can rely on its nylon couplers for its trouble-free usage.

When you will unbox the product you will find a total of 2 jars of all in one function. The main jar has a capacity of 2 L and the middle one has a capacity of 0.7 L. And, you can use both of them for all grinding, liquidizing, and blending tasks easily. Even with these jars, you will get a spatula as an extra accessory. During the usage of a mixer grinder, it heated up. But, to resolve this issue it comes up with the Turbo Vent Technology that keeps grinders’ bodies cool and increases the life of the motor.

If you are worried about your safety while using it. Then no need to worry as it comes with notable features like 3 Point Lid Lock for hands-free operation. Even for vibration-free operations, it comes with the feature of Secure Jar Lock. And, Heat Sensitive Cutoff secures you against overload and voltage fluctuations.

You must consider this as an option on your list. As it has a warranty of one year with life-long customer support from the manufacturer. Xpro Duo has a flawless design of deep blue color with an ABS plastic body. You will be benefitted from every single penny you invest with its Rotary Switch with 3 speed and Pulse. So just own this one spot wonder.


  • 1300-watt high capacity motor.
  • Rotary switch with 3 speed and pulse.
  • Easy to clean and low noise.
  • Heat Sensitivity Cutoff feature.
  • Super quality jars with robust stainless steel blades and Spatula with it.


  • Users complain about the quality of the jars.
  • Lid locks are not properly working as it leads to spillage.
  • 2 jars are not sufficient for all kitchen tasks.


#2 Meadow’s 1800 watts Commercial Mixer Grinder

Meadow's 1800 watts Commercial Mixer Grinder

Are you planning for setting up your food truck or restaurant? Or having a big joint family and need a powerful mixer grinder for your daily use? Then this Meadow’s 1800 watts commercial mixer grinder will assist you. For 35 years they serve their customers with a variety of products. Musa Manufacturing House engaged as manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor pf popcorn, coffee, and mixer grinder machines.

This product comes with a super heavy-duty motor of 1800 watts of 100% superior copper quality. Even its commercial aluminum body ensures long life. This product is ideal for usage in restaurants, hotels, industries, and commercial kitchens.

Its high speed of 23000 RPM provides you mesmerizing experience of grinding, blending, and mixing. It crushes every hardcore ingredients into the finest powders, curries, and paste. It has an anti-heat feature that ensures the cooling of the body during operations.

It comes in granite color with a Shockproof body. Most of the commercial kitchens demand this product due to its large capacity products. As it has two jars of stainless steel having a capacity of 4.5 Liters Mixer Jar and 1.5 Liters Grinding Jar. Even its PC quality dome covers allow you to keep track of the grinding process. And, the cover has attached clip locks which prevent spillage of ingredients.

You can own this product in your budgeted range and that too with a warranty of 12 months. Do not get worried if you feel burning smell for the first time as it will air off after a few uses. Even its vacuum feet make you keep it in your list as it provides stability to the product. So just visit your local markets or websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and buy the Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder in India. And, make your restaurant and hotel kitchens more efficient and capable to fulfill your customer’s needs.


  • High-quality PC dome-shaped PC lids.
  • Vacuum feet for stability during operations.
  • Easy to handle with sturdy handles.
  • Robust and high-quality copper winded motor of 1800 watts and speed of 23000 RPM.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • Motor gets heated up quickly.
  • Not for small households.
  • An expensive product in comparison to others.
  • Makes lots of noise due to its heavy motor.


What to buy? It’s your choice

Your food texture and taste depending upon the kitchen appliances you are using for it. And, Mixer grinder plays a vital role in your kitchen as your cooking partner. It makes you complete your tasks in no time.

All you have to consider factors like price, Model, No of Jars, functions, users of the mixer,  Speed, Electricity Consumption, After Sale Services, Material of jars, etc. For your convenience, we listed some of the Top Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder for your kitchen whether its home kitchens or commercial kitchens.

If you think we missed any of the product or feature which can help you. Then feel free to reach us by dropping your comments in the comment section. Hope you will make a wise choice and have a happy shopping experience.