Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder

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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” But you need a cooking assistant to help you with cooking good food. And, mixer grinder is one of the kitchen appliances you require for your cooking preparation. No doubt it offers you multiple benefits. However, with this, it has few drawbacks also.

Do not worry, in this article we tried to pen down all the advantages and disadvantages of this wonderful appliance. Let us have a glance at the advantages first. And, in the latter article, we will talk about the disadvantages of Mixer Grinder.


Make various dishes with any cooking ingredients.
Produce loud noises.
Handy to Use.Beware of Sharp Blades.
Minimize your efforts.
Need a large space in your kitchen.
Make your kitchen décor more stylish.
Misbalanced due to vibrations.
No extra efforts for cleaning.


Advantages of Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance that makes your kitchen stuff easy. With this, it has many advantages which are enlisted below for your reference. So keep reading the article to know more about its benefits.

  • You can make magical and tasty dishes with any cooking ingredient

This electronic device helps you to create tasty and healthy dishes with some basic ingredients. From liquidizing, shredding, blending, and whipping you can everything with it. For example, you can knead the dough and prepare batters for loaves of bread, pastries, and cakes with ease. Even if you love to eat fresh Mexican salad or salsa then you can chop or shred veggies according to your preference. In short, you can make your loved ones happy with this variety of dishes.

  • Simple to Use

Using a mixer grinder does not require a user to learn rocket science. The product always comes with user manuals that guide you, how to use a mixer grinder? All you need to open the lid of the jar and put all the ingredients in the jar. Now close the jar and put it on the grinder, slightly twist the jar, and press the button. Afterward, you can adjust grinding speed according to your requirement. Once you are done with the blending process. Just remove the jar, open it, and extract the paste or puree from it.

This is how simple to use a mixer grinder for preparing meals. I think you cannot expect it to be easier than this.

  • Reduce your efforts with speed settings

In earlier times people use traditional pestle or silwatta that requires a lot of effort. But mixer grinder saves your efforts as you need to put all the ingredients in the jar and grind them. Even you can get preferable consistency and texture just by the help of a speed regulator or a pulse button. For example, if you require very fine powder then set your speed at high.

However, set your grinder’s speed as low if you want to enjoy smoothies or shakes. In crux, a mixer grinder makes you efficient by reducing your efforts and enables you to deal even with the hardest material in your kitchen.

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  • Maintain your Kitchen Décor

Mixer Grinder makes your kitchen décor more appealing and beautiful. Mixer grinders are available in a compact size with attractive designs. Moreover, nowadays cleaning of mixer grinder jars is very easy. Even most of the brands offer mixer grinder those having dishwasher friendly jars. That ultimately minimizes your cleaning efforts to nil.

Also, some of the mixing jars can be clean just with a dry cloth. What else you expect?

  • Buy it in your budget

This is one of the best factors that force you to own a mixer grinder. You can buy this wonderful kitchen appliance at an affordable price. You need not plan extensively to buy it. All you need to make a checklist of your preferences. And, select the one which makes you tick all the boxes of the checklist. However, many products with various functionalities are available in the market at a budgeted price.

Everything has its advantage and disadvantage. Similarly, a mixer grinder also has some of the disadvantages that have to take care of. Let us have a glance at its limitations.


Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder

No one can deny the facts where there are advantages automatically there disadvantages also exist. And, the same goes for the mixer grinder. Unlike any other appliance, it has a few limitations you should consider while making your choice.

  • High Speed creates noise pollution

Most of the mixer grinder creates high noise when you use it at a high speed. Even if you are using a mixer grinder of heavy motor it also creates irritating noise. However, you need to bear this for a few minutes. But, I am sure you can ignore this for owning the best one for your kitchen.

  • Take precaution while using sharp blades

The sharpness of the blades is one of the major concerns while using the appliance. As the blades are very sharp and you need to be very careful while cleaning them. If you act carelessly then you have cuts in your figures. Hence it is recommendable to take precautions.

  • Require a large space

If you have a food processor then it can occupy a large space of your kitchen platform. And, it can create a difficulty for you to adjust or create a space of your kitchen companion.

  • Vibration

Sometimes when you grind or mix food ingredients with the help of the mixer it vibrates very much. And, due to which you can lose your balance. Moreover, it can slip off from the kitchen platform which can cause damage to it.



There is no doubt that a mixer grinder makes our life easier and comfortable. With that, it keeps track of our health as we can make fresh salads, smoothies, and juices by using it.

However, we can ignore these above-mentioned disadvantages in front of the list of countless advantages. I hope this article clears your views about mixer grinder advantages and disadvantages. And, still, if we missed out on anything then you can reach us by giving your valuable comments in the comment section.